Cosy Courtyard Garden

Quill Lane, Putney
Unusal shaped courtyard with buildings on three sides

To create an inviting, entertaining space for a young family connecting directly with the home.


High walls, limited space and lack of privacy from neighbours.

Design Response:

This already rather compact space was made even smaller by the new house extension our client’s were undergoing. As a consequence, the space left was a unique shape with lots of masonry and walls surrounding it.

The positives we drew from this were that the garden absolutely connected with the interior of the house. Fortunately for us our client’s had wonderful taste and as the refurbishment of their interior developed we soon got a clear understanding of the required style. Both contemporary and traditional with high end finishes, quality materials and a cohesive palette of greys and whites comprised the interior. It was right up our street!

The garden was viewed from 2 sides of the new extension with tri-folding doors leading from a home office on one side and the kitchen on the other. Consideration of the views and styling as well as the function of the garden were all a critical part of the design process.

Our first challenge was to alleviate the awkward shape of the area and we did this with strong structural shapes created by the raised beds and bench.

“Harrington Porter did an incredible job. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Our garden looks stunning! Thank you”

Our second challenge was the lack of privacy and we created a green screen from onlooking windows with large feature pleached trees. The style of these trees set the tone for our garden – structural, classic and elegant complimenting the house.

A cohesive palette of materials and colours drove our material choices with composite decking, painted, slatted trellis and tiling detail on the raised beds.

The garden was softened in line with the home by use of bespoke cushions including several double sides scatter cushions, pots and herbs, mixed herbaceous planting in the beds and extensive remote controlled lighting.

The centre piece of the garden was the bespoke fire pit capped with classic York stone, doubling as a coffee table and heat source to aid an evening’s relaxation.

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