‘High Spec’ outdoor living

Niton Street, Fulham
Narrow angled garden

Low maintenance modern garden to cater for all year round entertaining.


Shape of garden and looming left hand boundary.

Design Response:

The point of difference with this garden is the inclusion of so many different modern and technical elements within an external space.

We knew our client wanted a low maintenance, modern garden but we didn’t foresee how much the brief would develop throughout the initial phases.

Requirements for seating, lighting and heating developed quickly,  enhanced by our clients love of technology , into our ‘most’ contemporary garden to date.

Included here was two zoned seating areas for lounging and dining, a firepit and a fireplace, an outdoor cooking area (complete with all mod cons) and backlit LED mirror and extensive lighting throughout.

Up to that point, we were aware of the latest products coming to market for inclusion in such a scheme but thoroughly enjoyed the research into the most up to date outdoor living accessories.

Firepits, wall heaters and lights are all controlled by smart phone.

“We are so loving our garden, we really can’t thank you enough. Your team were fantastic, polite and hard working. We can’t wait to show off our garden this summer.”

The garden’s aesthetic was brought together by the bespoke fencing and by turning the boundaries into a positive element we negated the feeling of a towering barrier.

The backdrop for the garden was a stylish but comfortable lounging area, with bespoke cushions matching those to the dining area.

Reusing the clients existing outdoor furniture , we sought to create an eye catching dining area, closely linked to our cooking station.

The components that make up this area, designed with close proximity to the house, were a tabletop gas BBQ, stainless steel drawers and an outdoor rated fridge.

Added ‘wow’ factors include an inbuilt champagne cooler and outdoor sound system.

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