Ultimate outdoor room

Nansen Road, Clapham SW11
One of our smallest projects to date, yet one of our enjoyable ones to work on. Bland concrete yard.

We received a clear brief from a lovely and rather particular! young couple who had had extensive internal work done on their house in the past. Nothing wrong with that. We loved their taste and attention to detail and were more than happy to oblige and design and build that was in keeping.

The quality of finish and level of detail was evident from the minute you stepped through the front door. This house had a clear sense of style, with Crittall style doors in the hallway leading to an immaculate kitchen and then onto a living area which extended onto ‘our’ garden.

This area was the least impressive part of the property, which was absolutely ‘letting the side down’.


Catering for practicalities of a new-born and young dog. Thick concrete and building footings.

Design Response:

We designed with the intention of keeping a level threshold from indoors to out and whilst mindful of steps/young children, wanted to add detail that you get with level changes.

We incorporated a feature step running through centre of the garden which became a dramatic LED underscore to the rest of the garden. All details were thoroughly considered with views from the house in mind.

Elements in the garden were the feature bench seating at the rear, mature stylish cohesive planting scheme with 2 large Olive trees squeezed with millimetres to spare through the front door. Both plant and material choices were made to compliment each other and their textures and tones and colours have combined really well – we think!

““Harrington Porter are in a league of their own. After meeting with various garden designers, we ultimately chose Harrington Porter for their end-to-end managed service and keen design eye””

We incorporated integrated storage for 3 bikes, a stand-alone BBQ and raised beds with small vegetable garden in a south facing spot, as well as a central firepit with grey Limestone capping.

The tiles were chosen to pick up the interior vibe as were the other materials included. The paint colours from Paint and Paper Library reflected the mood and styling from indoors to out.

Irrigation and lighting completed the scheme, resulting in one of our coolest, tightest and well executed small gardens we’ve worked on thus far. Keep them coming!

Concept visuals
Nansen before
Nansen during
Nansen Road - Harrington Porter

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