Charming and stylish, contemporary cottage garden

Hotham Road, Putney SW15
Builders dumping yard following house renovation.

To design a charming and stylish, contemporary cottage garden, with direct synergy to a recently refurbed house, notably kitchen.


Fitting all the required elements into a small 5m x 5m space.

Uneven and unstable rear wall.

Different materials throughout the current garden with the back of house varied with neighbours fencing and ugly flooring.

Design Response:

Directly influenced from the client’s interior style, which was ‘contemporary Cotswold meets London chic’, with traditional elements and modern influences.

There was a countryside feel to the client’s style and it was important that whilst clean lines and simplicity would act as the structure, this should be a more plantily and fluid garden than some we have created before.

The structure, as with most gardens of this size, centred around entertaining and seating and comprised of a corner bench for both lounging and dining.

Raised beds ran along the rear wall to serve as structure and support, as a backdrop to the garden and connecting to the outdoor kitchen station on the left, before turning back towards the house for a bespoke storage unit.

One of the most interesting bits of the garden, is the purposely aged concrete effect render applied to the rear wall, which our craftsmen applied with a palette knife to create the texture and interest on the wall’s surface.

Botanical tiles and a green and off-white colour palette, combine beautifully with the leafy green textures of the planting and seasonal bulbs and perennials which will excite throughout the seasons.

Structured pleached trees for privacy from overlooking neighbours and feature multi stem Amelanchier in a beautiful textured pot, were some of many intricate and well considered details in this delightful and charming ‘countryside vibe’ city courtyard.

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