Indoors out

Clancy Court, Battersea
Small 5m x 5m concrete yard

To incorporate numerous elements in a small space and create a true extension of the home.


Large drop to ground level from sitting room , ugly boundary walls, small and uninspiring.

Design Response:

Space was of a premium on the ground floor of this young professional’s city dwelling.

The garden whilst small, had the potential to become a hugely significant part of this flat.

The ground floor living area opens directly onto the garden, which when we first saw it was nothing more than a concrete yard.

There were 3 key elements for inclusion: An area to entertain, an area for cooking and a genuine sense of ‘indoors out’.

We formulated the garden around an integrated seating area, one side upright seating and the other deeper lounging. The construction of this was facilitated by a large centre raised bed with mature Olive tree and beyond this a purpose built Green Egg station with shelves and storage.

“I would highly recommend Harrington Porter. I am extremely happy with the result and enjoy every second spent outside, in a place which is now a natural extension of my home”

We created a soft feel with some planting elements, evergreen Jasmine, ferns and underplanting of the tree but thereafter low maintenance was paramount.

This box was ticked with an artificial lawn, weatherproof decking and artificial Buxus Topiary balls.

The latter have proved a real success, chosen and used well, they can really enhance any exterior space and play to the hands of a novice gardener.

We believe the details in a small garden are everything and included here are a beautiful ceramic wall tile, pebble trim to the central coffee table/fire pit, narrow painted, slatted fencing and a selection of carefully chosen pots.

Additional elements included are an exterior mirror and faux garden door to create an illusion of space, outdoor cushions and bespoke storage and a feature wall for projecting films outdoors.

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